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Camelot Volunteers Rock!
Volunteering is easy, rewarding, and a great way to connect.

Like other pools and organizations in the area, Camelot Community Club balances the communal obligation of keeping the facility thriving through a volunteer program.

We have many volunteer opportunities:

  • The two largest volunteer events are the spring clean-up and closing of the pool for the winter. See below for Current Volunteer Opportunities.

  • We also need volunteers throughout the year to help with social events, landscaping, maintenance, and special projects (see below) as identified by the Board.

  • Paid and community service hours for teens may be available throughout the year as well.

  • Residents who have been voting members for at least one season may serve on the CCC Board.

  • Check out our Gene Schoenfelder Volunteer of the Year.

If you are interested in serving on the Maintenance Committee, or if you have a skill that will help run the pool more smoothly, please Contact Us.



Annual members are assessed a $75 volunteer fee per household in addition to the membership fee. The volunteer fee is fully refundable after completion of 5 hours of volunteer work completed during one of the designated work opportunities listed below:



  • We are looking for members to assist with recruiting sponsorships for signs around the pool and the ads you see at the bottom of emails and our website (See below). Contact the Board if interested or with questions. 


We would like to thank our sponsors...

Five Guys

Sponsor Club

Virginia Orthodontic Partners

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PreK-8th Grade, Private School

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